ILCA Summer of 2020

by Next

ILCA Summer of 2020 is the brand developed to cover first the Australian, and then the World Championships laser class sailing regatta. The regatta was held in Melbourne and its sister city Geelong over the summer of 2020, covering several categories both in terms of age, gender and laser sub-class. It was important to develop a brand that not only differentiated between events and venues, clearly, giving each sailor a sense of being involved in a unique race, but also maintained its integrity as a single regatta. Our solution was to create a flexible system using a limited colour palette and the triangles of the laser class sails in a flexible way to create multiple symbols and icons which, at once differentiated but still held the regatta together.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Lee Selsick

Design Company



International Laser Class Yachting Association

Design Team

Adeline Kim


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Lee Selsick, Next
Designer: Adeline Kim, Next