Homemade & More

by Merril Cledera

Homemade & More is Danica D’souza-Ashruff’s wonderous emporium of delicious home cooked dishes and do-it-yourself life hacks. Danica comes from a family of great cooks, and their wisdom now resides in New York City.

As a student, Danica kept herself well-fed with scrumptious and easy-to-make meals. It was then when she discovered a passion for sharing her culinary journey with others and a desire to teach others how to make the food they really want to eat.

Danica’s bold and energetic personality is on display in the design’s colors. The contrast of the orange against the dark blue and off-white is inspired by her distinctive dedication to home cooking. The array of items represents the many subjects her website deals with. Their bold coloring and arrangement pay homage to Danica’s drive to turn domestic banality into the sensational inspiration.


Silver in Logos 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Merril Cledera


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Danica D'souza-Ashruff