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Create.Refresh is a movement working for freedom of expression, open internet, and preventing the censorship of creativity. With a set of stringent new copyright laws being introduced throughout the EU, a group of civil society organizations approached Purpose ahead of a crucial vote, seeking to ensure that the Internet remains a place of limited censorship, exchange of diverse ideas, and copyright legislation that is fair for all makers and users across the web.

Create.Refresh is an EU-based campaign to improve the public’s understanding surrounding the implications to the proposed amendments to digital copyright laws. Purpose created the network, identity, and platform Create.Refresh, allowing a range of content creators across Europe to add their voices to the copyright debate. With online support from major DJs, social media celebrities, actors, and even French president Emmanuel Macron’s camp, Create Refresh successfully translated the issue of copyright law into a salient, passionate fight for freedom of expression and an accessible Internet.


Design for Social Change of the Year 2020

Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image for Social Change 2020

Silver in Digital Design for Social Change 2020

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020

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