Branding, Website & Online Implementation for Aiana Restaurant Collective

by Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc.

Located in Ottawa’s central business district, Aiana is a restaurant collective reinvigorating pride in Canada’s multicultural background and shared heritage through seasonally-inspired food. Driven to provide a dining experience unlike any other, Aiana’s cuisine reflects a harmonious balance between classic cooking techniques and contemporary recipes, thus requiring a sophisticated brand identity, website, and series of assets to coincide.

The logo's crest is built upon Aiana’s etymology – an ‘eternal blossom’ – while its modern elements complement the restaurant collective’s interior aesthetic and service approach. Natural colours have been introduced as a celebration of contemporary, farm-to-table cuisine, while pops of metallic accurately reflect the restaurant collective’s inherent elegance. These elements were then pulled across a variety of other deliverables, including a comprehensive brand guide, streamlined website (launching in Spring), menus, signage, and take-out bags, with a series of professional photographs enhancing the restaurant and Executive Chef's social media presence. Together, the restaurant and its brand are a working celebration of the one thing capable of uniting friends, family, and foes alike: food.


Gold in Logos 2020

Gold in Branding 2020

Silver in Promotional Materials 2020

Silver in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Bev Hyatt

Design Company

Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc.


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Aiana Restaurant Collective

Design Team

Bev Hyatt