Shillington Post 08 — The Creative Women Issue

by Alan Barba Design

In this eighth issue of the Post, we’re joining the chorus to celebrate creative women. Twelve female industry leaders give their advice for the next generation of designers—regardless of gender. Discover surprising stats about females in the creative industry. We interview three amazing Shillington graduates who launched their own zine. Emily Comfort shares a case study highlighting the behind-the-scenes of her design practice. Six teachers pay tribute to a woman who’s influenced them creatively. We explore the legacy of Margaret Calvert, the woman who was responsible for redesigning every single road sign across the UK in the late 1950s. And, we recap on striking visual results from our recent International Women’s Day Creative Challenge.


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Alan Barba

Design Company

Alan Barba Design


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Shillington School of Graphic Design


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Alan Barba Design, US
Shillington School of Graphic Design, US

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Artwork for cover: Olivia Chen, Studio Chen Chen