Vittorio Espresso coffee


Vittorio Company, trying to continue its dynamic course in espresso coffee industry, decided to renew its packaging. The redesigned espresso series, consists of three different types of coffee with unique quality and taste that will also aesthetically reinforce the image of Vittorio brand in coffee shops.
The new packaging was intended to reflect the dynamic image of the company in the coffee industry, as well as the highlighted slogan "Follow the King" to be visualized in the best possible way.
Three emblematic figures of animals, an eagle, a lynx and an owl, were placed on a black background, identifying their character with each espresso packaging and variety, but also with their royal position in nature, reinforcing the slogan «Follow the King ».
The corona element, the symbol of the company, was highlighted with a different color code, placed on the animal heads symbolically emphasizing the leading position of the Vittorio espresso in the coffee market.
Although Vittorio espresso is addressed for wholesale, the aesthetics of the packaging helps the product to be placed in prominent places, gaining impressions and a high position among competing products.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Kornilios Nikolaidis

Design Company




Design Team

Kornilios Nikolaidis