Jean Paul Lab's Flavoured Tea range


Jean Paul Lab has created 10 packages of different tea flavors for wholesale in catering and coffee shops, but not excluding the product's visual contact with the consumer.
The main need was to safely store the product for both freshness and aroma preservation. This led us to create airtight lockable paper cylinders.
The aesthetics of the series had to be attractive and special, aiming to "Win" first the "Barista" who will prepare the tea.
Tea is the most popular beverage and is enjoyed by millions of people every day, hiding within its millennia of history, philosophy, culture and lifestyle of many countries and nationalities.
In order to create a range of cosmopolitan tea packages that travel aesthetically in both time and knowledge, we have selected and combined engravings with people of different ages and styles to suit different tastes.
Color codes distinguish each flavor making it easy for the tea maker to work, while the simplicity with the graphic design in the title and type of tea completes the elegant aesthetics of the series.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Kornilios Nikolaidis

Design Company



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Jean Paul Lab

Design Team

Kornilios Nikolaidis