Kannu Na Um Wine Labels

by Redfish Adv

Two wines born from Cannonau grapes of centenary vines grown in Sardinia (Italy).
The research for the development of this wine labels design starts in Sardinia (Italy), a land
at the center of the Mediterranean sea, with a thousand-year history.
The name of the wines derives from the ancient spoken language of the Assyrian-
Babylonians. Kannu Na'Um means "our sapling", and the ancient Sardinian people used to
call the Cannonau (Grenache) grape, from which these two wines are born, properly Kannu
We are in Ogliastra (Sardinia), the Land of Longevity, here there is the largest number of
people reaching 100 years of all of Italy and for this reason it is considered one of the 5 Blue
Zones of the world.
The concept of these labels starts from the unique characteristic of these wines and this
territory: the strength of a unique land, the history of this thousand-years people, the good
environment and the centenarian vines. Each of these elements is part of these wines and
the labels that represent them.
The symbol of the screw on this label means all of this, its golden color is the prestige of this
great wine born from centenary vines and is the representation of the bond of winemakers
with their historical and cultural roots.
It is inspiring from the strength of a unique land, the history of this people, the good
environment and the secret of longevity. all these elements condensed on a single symbol:
the golden screw.
The challenge for this label was to be able to transfer the importance of this wine that comes
from the centenarian vines and that is connected with the history of these territories.
The label was printed on special paper with a tactile sensation. This characteristic gives the
label a more prestigious and important...


Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Giovanni Murgia

Design Company

Redfish Adv


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Cantina Ogliastra