Nyssos Olive Oil


NYSSOS, the Corfu Olive Oil Company has made a limited number of "Nyssos extra virgin olive oil from Centennial Olives" packaging.
The unique olive groves of Corfu with their centuries-old olives give us a unique variety of oil that its properties rank it in the elite of Greek products.
ABC Design Communication was asked to create a packaging that will emphasize on the value and uniqueness of the product, with a bottle that protects it’s rare and precious content from light.
Ceramic bottle is the ideal material to protect the oil, so the study took place over clay forms of the Archaic period (5th century BC) and vases that where, even from back then, ideal for olive oil’s storage.
The forms we examined, particularly the form of “Pithari”, a big vase that was used for olive oil’s long term storage, guided us to design a simple shape that resembles to the shape of an olive leaf. The olive’s leaf shape, is the perfect shape to contain the precious oil.
By imprinting the vector, age long olive tree on the bottle, we refer to the strength and endurance of these trees to offer their fruit tirelessly and generously over the centuries.
The packaging is completed by placing the container in wooden
box, with the front side visible, inviting the consumer to
discover this extra virgin olive oil of the ages
trees of Corfu land.
Company information as well as nutrition information are printed on a paper strip that seals the packaging.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Costas Lakis

Design Company



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Design Team

Costas Lakis, Kornilios Nikolaidis