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by Redkiwi

OZHZ, short for Omgevingsdienst Zuid-Holland Zuid (Regional Service South Holland South), is a regional government service committed to a better living environment for residents and organisations in the region. More than 200 specialists help the almost 500,000 inhabitants and more then 10,000 companies within this region with questions and complaints. To satisfy this demand a well-organised online platform has been developed.

The main challenge was integrating the diverse services and the many different specialists, including licensing authorities, inspectors and advisors. On the new platform this information about various services, with various themes, needed to come together clearly and be easily understandable.

Usability tests with impact.
During the realization, various usability tests were carried out on residents and companies. The results were very positive. The feedback was processed and the user-friendliness immediately improved.

As an example, the design was made "cleaner" and more readable after feedback from people with dyslexia. Arrows were added at the bottom of the page to clarify the scrolling option. The layout of the themes and news items has been adjusted according to various needs. And some important buttons, such as the read-, translate- and enlarge buttons, are more prominently displayed.

It is immediately clear that the OZHZ website is different from other environment service platforms. The design is fresh, open and very easy to navigate. Each theme has the same structure with clear buttons and titles. The search function is easy to find and suggestions are made to help with the search. When you open the menu the entire screen is filled, allowing for calm and easy navigation.

Due to its logical layout, navigating the site is a simple and user-friendly process, especially for a regional service with so many topics and so much information available.

On the homepage there are 3 large buttons directing...


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UX-designer: Sander van Leengoed, Redkiwi
UX-designer: Aniek Velthuizen, Redkiwi