We were just kids in Love

by Ian Wallace

We were just kids in love is the inspiration for nostalgia and drama, creating a concept in which a rose is inside a crystal representing having left a great love of children untouchable. A love that is but that already was, leaving a flower in captivity that will never wither. A unique concept that is inspired by the rose of "Beauty and the Beast". A different proposal that is based on stories that have happened more than once, managing to generate unique memories for the consumer.

To get out of the scheme with a disruptive and dramatic proposal is what happens with the design of "TheYoungBrewery" and its beers "We were just kids in love". A completely different and innovative concept to the one we know today in the world of beers. An intelligent colour proposal based on the "psychology of colour". A very detailed handmade illustration that represents each lived moment. Using drama and love as concepts and with a great nostalgic story behind.

Two beer proposals: Pale Ale and Amber Ale. The first one to gently remember those moments of tenderness, walks and shameful laughter. A beer pleasant to the palate and represented with subtle and friendly colours. The second beer was designed for those deepest and most passionate feelings. Represented with more dramatic and saturated colours. The idea is to convey feeling and love through a proposal of colours never seen before and a concept of illustration for a rose that never withered.

A production and printing in Dry Offset that combines the characteristics of letterpress and offset for an optimal result in image quality, colour and reading. With a PANTONE colour palette carefully selected to achieve the colour that leads to nostalgia and drama. A metal can with matte finishes for a special result in the...


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ian Wallace

Design Company

Ian Wallace


The Young Brewery