Amara Body Oil

by Ian Wallace

Inspired by the authentic hammam rituals of the Middle East with a blend of modern luxury. Amara is a range of beautiful skincare products created using traditional and all-natural ingredients from the emirates. The Amara range has taken inspiration from a multitude of personal experiences and enduring memories stirred by the ancient traditions of the Middle East. Passed down from generation to generation, the Arabian cleansing rituals of old blend seamlessly with timeless beauty traditions to deliver a memorable experience.

The research was based in the Roman Thermae, or hot baths, that are the inspiration for many of our modern bathing traditions. Similarly, the hammam, otherwise known as an Arabic steam bath, is where many modern bathing rituals originated. This is the oldest surviving bath tradition in the world. This ancient steam bath ritual has gained enthusiastic fans in every corner of the world. Marble and wood take place in this natural proposal that, together, takes you back to antiquity.

A packaging that is born and inspired by nature, mother earth and energy, perfectly demonstrating the hammam ritual of the middle east. A luxury packaging, honest, original and pure, that transmits its energies through its design based on marble and wood, the perfect natural combination. Its combinations of marble and wood create a unique magic at the moment of being perceived. The experiences are the ones that take force in this packaging since it generates an intimate and personal connection between design and user.

Two different types of marble were used for this concept. The first one we see, of darker grey and blue tones, gives us a passionate and sincere energy, generating a total connection with our body and mind. The second marble is warmer, it generates the connection between light and soul. A natural, innovative, original and creative proposal that fits perfectly...


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ian Wallace

Design Company

Ian Wallace


Amara Dubai