Medulla Game

by Lemondo Games

Medulla is a puzzle-platforming adventure where, in a dream-like scenery, a young character called travels through the places and environments where various strange obstacles and seemingly illogical puzzles appear. Post-apocalyptic sceneries, dark blue woods, nebulous spaces, and melting landscapes create an evermore confusing and mysterious aura that Takito needs to escape in order to free herself from the traps of her nightmare. Villains like a silver rabbit, kangaroo monkey, kid centaur, joker jester make her voyage even more confusing and complicated. After mastering the mechanics of puzzles, Takito seemingly escapes the cloud of the dream world, to realize that the nightmare can be an eternal loop.
The visual language of the game revolves around the painting styles of contemporary artists. Some visuals reflect the surrealism art movement, others are infused with traditional methods and unique figurative styles that create an overall feeling of magic realism.


Game Design of the Year 2020

Gold in Illustration for Games 2020

Gold in Character Design 2020

Gold in Mobile Games 2020

Created by:

Design Director

George Bokhua

Design Company

Lemondo Games


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Design Team

George Bokhua and Lemondo Games

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Entrant Companies

Lemondo Games, GE


Lemondo Games, GE

Individual Credits

Art Director: George Bokhua
Founder: Giorgi Otiashvili, Lemondo Games