Bucur Beer

by CreativeByDefinition

CreativeByDefinition created the packaging design for the new Romanian beer brand Bucur, produced by United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB). From their portfolio, you already might know brands like Tuborg, Carlsberg, Holsten and SKOL. The new beer design aims to generate shelf visibility and consumer attention while visually introducing to the new generation the unknown, colorful gossips and stories of the old town of Bucharest.
We wanted to make sure that the high quality of the product is conveyed in a packaging that would appeal to its target audience while creating brand awareness and retail visibility with a unique and innovative design that harmoniously blends a modern, clean direction with a touch of the old city glamour. The logo together with the hand-drawn illustrations of two famous Romanian buildings – Capsa House and Athenaeum are honoring this colorful, exciting period of the city. They are telling the story of the most famous boulevard - Victoriei Avenue, the heart of old Bucharest, where real lions and ostriches were walking for the whole city to see them.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

gabi chelsoi

Design Company



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United Romanian Breweries Bereprod