by Maximilian Berndt

Designed and built as a student project for the „Tuchmacher-Museum“, a historic cloth-making institution in the German city of Bramsche, Loom allows visitors to experience the art of spinning yarn for themselves. Using the original, historic loom as our guide, we created an interactive station that mimics the process of spinning yarn in a less complex representation. The visitor is digitally immersed in the process of creating yarn, guided by a chatbot that reacts to their real-time input. An AR-Overlay visualizes the movement of the original loom, connecting visitors to the past. Ultimately the visitor creates their own virtual cloth, based on their unique interaction data.


Silver in Interactive Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Maximilian Berndt

Company/University or Design School

HS Osnabrück


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Design Team

Aljoscha Theil, Perihan Isik, Jonas Mai, Tom Janssens, Sebastian Winter, Julian Ruthemeyer

Video (direct link)

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Individual Credits

Prof. Interaction Design: Hannes Nehls, HS Osnabrück