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Entry Title:

Widiba brand identity system


Professional Branding



Design Director:

Marco Molteni, Margherita Monguzzi

Design Team:

jekyll & hyde


jekyll & hyde


Widiba SpA

Individual Credit:

Marco Molteni, Creative director, jekyll & hyde

Individual Credit:

Margherita Monguzzi, Creative director, jekyll & hyde

Individual Credit:

Fabrizio Schiavi, Type designer, FSD Fabrizio Schiavi Design

We designed a visual identity system for Widiba bank. We created a system to depict the company’s identity in a coordinated manner for all its communication tools. The system comprises various elements: from the logo to a corporate font, this was a particular priority (a rounded typeface with four different line weights, as well as a serif and condensed version for optimum flexibility); from a series of icons and a colour palette, to a precise layout with variable modules inspired by responsive design; till a wayfinding system meant to represent a home feeling, a comfortable and informal way of living the Widiba space. Everyting has been designed to be used in both traditional and digital media using distinctive colours and flexible compositions always recognisable.