Cremula — Individual Skin Care

by Albina Safina

Crémula is production and online sale of personalised cosmetics created in a special laboratory using simple formulas; it also sells mini fridges for storing cosmetics.
All the ingredients for the cosmetics are chosen based on the results of a detailed online questionnaire and a make-up free photograph submitted by the client.
The company's mission is to prove that, by using new technology, the company is able to create a product that works for every client.
The company's vision is that each person is unique and the desire to produce something special for them.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020, Non-Pro

Gold in Branding 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Albina Safina

Company/University or Design School

British Higher School of Art and Design


Anna Galkina

Design Team

Albina Safina, Leonid Slavin, Pavel Gubin