Support Inform - Making This World A Better Place For The Disabled

by SimplePlan Media

Support Inform is a technology-led initiative centered around making this world a better place for those with disabilities. At its core, Support Inform or SI is an e-learning platform that aims to train the workforce across industries to better interact with specially-abled people. 

As the design and branding team, we were asked to come up with a comprehensive brand identity that is both highly communicative as well as scalable to reflect upon a wide range of disabilities - across the entire physical, mental and social spectrum. 

The core theme of the brand identity revolves around inclusiveness, integration and accessibility which is beautifully represented with The Orb - the core icon of the identity. The Orb has been fluidly shaped to then represent a wide number of physical, mental and social disabilities.


Gold in Branding for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Shivam Sachan

Design Company

SimplePlan Media


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Support Inform

Design Team

SimplePlan Media


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Amit Rawat, SimplePlan Media
Lead Designer: Shivam Sachan, SimplePlan Media
Designer: Nikhil Jaiswal, SimplePlan Media