Dream Diary

by Maximilian Berndt

Lucid dreaming is being aware of your dream state, but not waking up. In this state one is able to take control of his dream and actively influence it. Some people are born with it, but the ones that are not can use different techniques in order to achieve it. The most common one is keeping a dream diary.
The app is based on three main components: Motivation through seeing your progress, writing down your dreams as fast as possible and having a reasonable level of security.
The interactions were kept simple, yet delightful. Commonly used functions, like opening the menu, were supposed to be fun, but not inhibiting to the user experience. A simple gesture replaces a complex password. The data is represented in a physics simulation, making it more tangible and rewarding for the user to journal for a longer period of time..


Silver in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Maximilian Berndt

Company/University or Design School

HS Osnabrück


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