Saudi Women Can Drive

by Arab News

Saudi Women Can Drive Arab News Cover Wrap:

To celebrate women driving in Saudi Arabia for the first time in decades Arab News collaborated with illustrator Malika Favre to create an iconic illustration for a cover wrap and souvenir edition of the newspaper.

The illustration was animated for use across digital and this included a web takeover on the Arab News website.

The cover illustration of a Saudi woman behind the wheel was also available online for download as a free screen saver in a collaboration with the website 21Wallpaper.

We wanted to create an iconic image which could be used across all our platforms using illustration. An image which would resonate with women and celebrate this historic moment. Malika Favre has always been a champion of women and she was the obvious choice for this project. Her style suited what we were trying to achieve perfectly. We collaborated with Malika and discussed ideas and decided on the final execution including animations, web takeover and free screen saver which our readers could download.

- It was innovative to produce an illustrative cover wrap of this scale - full width of 2 broadsheet pages. The impact of this was immediate and memorable. It was a first for Arab News and possibly a first for a quality broadsheet newspaper.
- We wanted to give access to the illustration to all. The screensaver was available to download from 21Wallpaper and was offered free to all readers with a link on our website. 
- We produced extra copies and printed worldwide for broader exposure.
- We printed bumper stickers.

The cover achieved the following accolades: 
- The Society of Publication Designers cover of the day
- @coverjunkie recognition
- 57k views on Arab News Twitter. 
- 78,062 sessions on story on website.
- Shared...


Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2020

Silver in Illustration 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Simon Khalil

Design Company

Arab News


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Arab News

Design Team

Simon Khalil, Global Creative Director; Malika Favre, Illustrator

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Entrant Companies

Arab News, SA

Individual Credits

Global Creative Director: Simon Khalil, Arab News
Illustrator: Malika Favre