Binh Coffee

by Ian Wallace

Binh is the name of a special and pacific coffee producer in the "Land of Dreams", Vietnam. A producer that transmits its emotions through coffee, generating a memorable experience.

Binh is an invitation to enjoy life, to favour the wonders that Vietnam offers both in its gleaming sunrises in the mountains and its warm sunsets between rivers and lakes. This is the real meaning of life: to enjoy the simple things that nature gives us accompanied by a magical coffee, achieving a perfect sensation.

A new wonderful experience every day.

Nowadays there are many coffee producers. But which producers are able to transmit an experience through the magic of coffee? Living this moment each morning I felt a very special connection when drinking coffee, experiencing the essence of the mountains' chromatic sunrises and the presence of local elephants heading down through humid rocks and abundant vegetation. At the end of the day, with the sun going down between lakes, the sunsets in Vietnam gave warm moments and deep sun reflections in the water, where the local men sailing their canoes helped create a memorable atmosphere. 

Binh wanted to create an experience beyond coffee production. In the same way, with its packaging design, Binh wanted to create a concept to stand out amongst competitors and that totally connects with human emotions. Here is where Binh’s coffee's new experience is truly born, in its magic sunrises and sunsets.  

Every day is a new beginning, a new experience, new colours, textures and smells. How to capture and reflect all these daily changes in a pack of coffee? I'm unable to choose only one colour for the packaging because everybody would see the same every day. How to bring down the sky and hold it in your hands?

This is the reason I...


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ian Wallace

Design Company

Ian Wallace