Pure & SImple

by Viorel Rusu

Coffee packaging designs that we have seen in the last years are becoming more and more complicated - concept wise and graphic illustration.

We felt that the appetite appeal, the enjoyment of this special beverage is not considered anymore a priority in design of the new packages being more related to story telling, origins, etc.
Product - being coffee beverage or beans - are less and less present on the respective packs.

As a feed back to this trend we are proposing a simple graphic direction that celebrates and maximise the taste of coffee, nothing else.
The package is made of cardboard, the coffee in foil is vacuum packed.

Alfter all coffee is all about the taste and the pleasure of drinking it.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Viorel Rusu


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Design Team

Viorel Rusu, Cristian Stancu