Project Period

by Purpose

Period poverty affects the well-being of young women all over the world. In order to activate participation around the issue, we need to engage with audiences both online and offline and with non-traditional partners to raise awareness about global period poverty. By talking openly about periods, we can increase salience on issues related to women’s health and gender equality, shift conversations and inspire action. Partnerships with nontraditional distributors such as Emma Gannon, Alice Liveing and the Gynae Geek increased the reach of Project Period content to over 500K people. Interesting and provocative initiatives such as the tampon taxi and pop up shop brought global period poverty to the attention of new audiences. In a policy victory, the coalition we partnered with was able to make period supplies free to high school students.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020

Silver in Illustration for Social Change 2020

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