The Century Foundation Centennial Video

by Purpose

The Century Foundation (TCF) is a progressive think tank whose research has led to policy contributions since 1919. With its centennial year on the horizon, TCF recognized that it struggled to articulate its ongoing impact on audiences, and needed a compelling narrative, engagement strategy, and centennial brand to demonstrate its worth.

TCF tapped Purpose & BerlinRosen to use its centennial as a celebration of what the think tank had accomplished to date and an introduction of its point-of-view going into the next 100 years. We developed a new brand narrative & centennial identity, produced an animated video, and delivered earned & paid media to engage participants & donors around the TCF mission of fostering opportunity, reducing inequality, and promoting security. This campaign created tangible ways for policy-minded Americans to experience TCF’s work & solidified their place as the policy experts on issues that the progressive community cares about most.


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image for Social Change 2020

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