Website / Salanitro

by Guadalupe SRLS

The Salanitro website is an example in mobile-led design, combining functionality with boundary-pushing art direction and styling. It uses motifs (the sinusoidal wave formation) and colour gradients to envelop the viewer into the magical art of gemstone setting. Working with tone of voice (promoting the company credo: See it in a new light), design and functionality, the Salanitro website combines all three elements in harmony with precise attention to detail: different colours for every menu item upon touch, seamless sliding from section to section, animation, interactive design and smooth transitions mean that the overarching theme for Salanitro is achieved; you see everything in a new light.


Gold in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Laura Fele

Design Company

Guadalupe SRLS


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Salanitro SA

Design Team

Lead Creative: Laura Fele Project Manager: Salvatore Mandrà Web Developer: Michele Sala Copywriter: Grace Kingswell Photographer: Jagoda Wisnie...


Entrant Companies

Guadalupe SRLS, IT

Individual Credits

Designer & Creative Director: Laura Fele, Guadalupe SRLS
Web Developer: Michele Sala
Project Manager: Salvatore Mandrá, B.SMAC