Own company Branding and implementation as Social entrepreneurship and designer

by Gerbera Design Inc.

KUDEN is own brand of Gerbera Design Inc. and challenge to solve 2 social issues “Disappear Japanese traditional kimono culture”and ”Lost high sewing technique for both Japanese and Western” by social design.

Nowadays kimono is known all over the world but on the other hand, the scale of Japanese kimono market is 1/10 compared to 35 years ago. Disappearing kimono as usual outfits, most Japanese can’t wear kimono by themselves. The job of "wasai" (Japanese dressmaking) decrease and also have agin issue for artisan, it faces disappearing problem.
To solve these issues, we need a policy to expand kimono market and make more demands of kimono and also remove the obstacle to wear kimono in daily life.
I have 2 approach to solve them, product design and branding.
Because I consider branding everything from customer’s purchase to experience that enjoy outfit in their lifestyle as a field of social design, not only solve the problem of kimono by product design.

○Approach from product
[ Issue to be solved ]
・The demand of kimono decreased because European lifestyle became popular in Japan. The kimono business world developed only the high value-added products to recover sales. Those history makes kimono to be recognized as “Expensive kimono” for only special day.
・Wearing kimono needs special technique “kitsuke”. Kimono was used to be daily wear, parents taught how to wear it to their children and wore in life but now it’s not usual wear but for special day so many people can’t wear kimono now.
・By Change the climate and lifestyle, there is no place to go wearing
・The short cycle of collection by mass-production and mass-disposal for brand profit forces factory to sew clothes from scratch every time for single-use design. Their efficiency of finance goes down.(Write a reason to adapt western dressmaking...


Bronze in Branding for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Takahiro Sato

Design Company

Gerbera Design Inc.


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Design Team

Social Designer/Chief Designer(Creative Director): Takahiro Sato Graphic Designer : Asami Sato Photographer: Takahiro Sato

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Individual Credits

Photographer: Mance Thompson
Model: Kendrick
Model: Serene Mangmati