FWD Brand Identity

by Purpose

FWD.us was launched in 2013 to pursue comprehensive immigration reform in America. By 2017, the organization was known for its smart, bipartisan approach to policy reform, and was preparing to add the criminal justice space to its remit.

The election of President Trump and the heightened polarization of America’s political parties put FWD.us’ two challenging issue spaces under even more social and political strain. FWD.us recognized a need to refresh its brand identity so that it could speak to Americans across the political spectrum, focusing on improving the country by rebuilding its broken systems, regardless of partisan politics.

The new identity is a visual representation of the FWD.us’ approach: To strategically move the right pieces forward to unlock something new. The logo and brand system is very much in motion: It leans heavily on forward movement and we see a lot of pieces unlocking in the collateral, visually emphasizing FWD’s big message. The branding strikes a balance across party lines: The F-lettermark is impactful and active, while the serif wordmark balances the identity out to appeal to grasstops audiences as well.


Silver in Branding for Social Change 2020

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