Mughal Nama - Play with History

by Tavisha Mitra

Mughal Nama - was designed keeping in mind that history is considered one of the most boring subjects in school. In India, the chapter on the Mughal empire covers 1/4th of the history books and hence holds the highest marks in the examinations. It is one of the most despised chapters amongst the students because of its rich history, several kings and complicated events. While researching as to why students do not like the subject history, I could easily conclude was that in majority of the cases it is not presented well. The aim of this project was to make learning history interesting and to facilitate it in a playful manner.


Silver in Illustration 2020, Non-Pro

Bronze in Character Design 2020, Non-Pro

Bronze in Illustration for Games 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Tavisha Mitra

Company/University or Design School

Pearl Academy

Design Team