Economic Insights Second Quarter 2019

by Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Research Department

Economic Insights is a quarterly publication from the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. 1100 copies are printed and mailed to subscribers across the United States while .pdfs are made available to non-subscribers on the Bank's website. Economists and research analysts write non-technical articles about monetary policy, banking, and national, regional, and international economics intended for a wide audience. Each year features a single cover accented with a quarterly/seasonal colour. This year we chose the Hall engraving of Duplessis' portrait of Benjamin Franklin that can be seen on the $100 bill. It reflects history, the economy and money supply, and of course one of Philadelphia's most famous citizens. By using a single cover image, we ensure that no one article is seen as more important than any other. The interior uses a 12-column grid allowing flexibility in the design of each article. The second quarter issue featured an article on the opioid crisis and its impact on the eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware region; how regions can manage low population growth to improve the quality of life; and how the Fed set interest rates before, during, and after the Great Recession changed the way. Each article also used graphics and data visualisation to help explain the articles visually.


Bronze in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2020

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Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Research Department


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