Holiday Card 2018

by Self

My 2018 holiday card for family, friends, and coworkers arrived in people's mailboxes the year that the US Space Force was announced. Consequently, I designed the card around the idea of a North Polar space force. I created a fictional logo for the space agency MISELTOE (Ministry for Interstellar Space Exploration & Low Terrestrial Orbital Works), and illustrated several different spacecraft and space facilities. The logo works as both a Christmas tree with a base and an ornament atop as well as a rocket leaving Earth and headed towards a distant star. Blue works as a traditional holiday colour as well as an appropriate colour for a national space agency. The illustrations' basic shapes and forms referenced Christmas, Hanukah, and the Red Sox World Series victory with the details containing jokes within while the illustrations' names and labels alluded to space, science fiction, and the holidays, e.g. Santa's reindeer.


Bronze in Branding 2020

Bronze in Logos 2020

Honorable Mention in Promotional Materials 2020

Honorable Mention in Illustration 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Brendan Barry

Design Company