IBM Assist Me

by IBM

IBM Assist Me is a contextual, in-app user assistance messaging tool that uses machine learning to provide targeted assistance. IBM Assist Me gives users support with their application by offering links to resources for specific use cases, step-by-step instructions, on-call agents, and tailored search responses all without interrupting the user workflow. This application is pluggable into any enterprise level software. IBM Assist Me has a number of features that make it unique and stand out from competitors: 

- In order to provide targeted user assistance the application intakes information such as user personality, usage history, task context, transactional data and current applications in use. 
- The tool provides targeted resource links, on-call agents that are specifically selected for the user, an in-app bot to provide further assistance, and the ability to search the tool for additional resources.  
- The tool can predict a users pain points based on past issues of that specific user with the software, as well as issues and pain points users have generally reported while using that software. 
- If users previously experienced a specific pain-point, IBM Assist Me will provide resources to aid with this area as the user is approaching this specific use case where the pain point occurs
- The application continues is able to update its recommendations and resources as the user progresses throughout their workflow, providing the tool with more data. 


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Andrew Smith

Design Company



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Design Team

Jim Tsimis


Individual Credits

Creative Visual Lead, UX Designer: Andrew Smith, IBM
Digital Architect: Jim Tsimis, IBM