Vodafone Iconography

by Daniel Schubert

Vodafone’s family of icons had grown into a heterogenous accumulation of styles over the last generations. We developed a contemporary and recognizable new style for three different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). In order to keep control over future icon development, we defined rules and developed a comprehensive guideline by which to create new icons.


Gold in Branding 2018

Silver in Digital Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Daniel Schubert


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Vodafone Group Services

Design Team

Luuk Beursgens, Peter Buckingham, Anne Schloesser, Alina Joerissen


Entrant Companies

Vodafone Group Services GmbH, DE
studiomem, DE


Vodafone Group Services GmbH, DE

Individual Credits

Head of Concept, Design & Experience: Daniel Schubert, Vodafone Group Services GmbH
Principal User Experience Manager: Peter Buckingham , Vodafone Group Services GmbH
Managing partner innovation & creative direction: Anne Schloesser, studiomem