Cut and Paste: Preventing Visual Plagiarism

by Nanyang Technological University

As part of the Research Integrity and Ethics Office’s objective to foster a culture of academic integrity within Nanyang Technological University, a workshop curriculum has been developed to review the issue of visual plagiarism for students at the school of Art, Design & Media.

To support this workshop, print collaterals have been developed including, an outer folder, a 36 page booklet, a bookmark, posters, postcards, stickers, a notepad and a custom designed stationery kit. The brief was to create an integrated design system which would appeal to a target audience of young Singaporean designers, to guide them through complex topics via an active learning pedagogy.

Utilising the existing colour palette and fonts of the NTU brand, a strong red and blue theme is applied throughout. This is complemented by carefully considered, culturally appropriate imagery and rich, real-world examples of visual plagiarism, homage, pastiche and parody. The notion of a cut and paste visual culture is present throughout, as a reminder for participants to consider ethical intentions as part of their creative practice and the secondary, juxtaposed theme of ‘copy cats’ is playfully illustrated; humorously referencing this common idiom and introducing a more palatable lightness to a somewhat serious topic.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Lisa Winstanley

Design Company

Nanyang Technological University


Research Integrity and Ethics Office, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Design Team

Creative Director: Lisa Winstanley. Designer: Wu You, Photographer: Peh Jiaxian Lisa

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Individual Credits

Assistant Professor / Creative Director: Lisa Winstanley, Nanyang Technological University
Research Assistant / Designer: Wu You, Nanyang Technological University
Photographer: PEH JIAXIAN LISA, Nanyang Technological University