Stellar Commanders

by Blindflug Studios AG

Developed by Blindflug Studios and produced by Apple, Stellar Commanders is a modern and clever take on a classic real time strategy games.

At the dawn of the space age, mankind's unsatisfiable hunger for resources drives them into the realm of the stars. Iridium, the rarest metal on earth, is mined deep in the cores of small planetoids, sucking them dry and making them dangerously unstable. The most powerful factions of earth send out their best tacticians in an effort to get the edge in this war for resources, which leaves a trail of destruction behind. These extraordinary men and women are known as the Stellar Commanders.

Stellar Commanders is a modern reinterpretation of a real time strategy game. The players are building rockets, tanks, orbital strike satellites and many other units and commandeer them against each other on tiny planetoids, to defeat each other, before they become unstable and explodes after seven minutes Its keeping the core idea of choosing and executing on a strategy and choosing a play-style through a faction, and condensing the core game loop into a fast and modern game playable on a short break.

Stellar Commanders was developed for the release of Apple Arcade in 2019 and was a day one launch title for the brand new service.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation for Games 2020

Silver in Online Games 2020

Bronze in Mobile Games 2020

Bronze in Sound Design & Use of Music for Games 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jeremy Spillmann

Design Company

Blindflug Studios AG


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Design Team

Blindflug Studios Team

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Entrant Companies

Blindflug Studios AG, CH


Blindflug Studios AG, CH

Individual Credits

Creative Director / Lead Designer: Jeremy Spillmann, Blindflug Studios
President / Executive Producer: Moritz Zumbühl, Blindflug Studios
3D Artist: Frédéric Hein, Blindflug Studios