Room For Tea

by Chaimi Design Studio

Room For Tea NYC celebrated tea through visually and experientially representing both the culture behind it and the feelings evoked during preparation and consumption, (both through smell and taste). The wide range of diverse teas throughout the world informed many of our design decisions. Included highlights of milk tea, bubble tea, traditional Chinese tea, Japanese tea ceremonies, and mint tea. In parallel, contemporary accents carried the exhibition from the entrance through the exit.
Accordingly, our brief was to create the first multi-sensory tea exhibit in New York.
Conceptual challenges included the interpretation of tea's spirit in its inherently diverse form into spatial design and constructing an experience that ushered guests towards a coherent narrative. We did a lot of research on regional tea-making in its place in daily life throughout the world. To this end, we collaborated with local tea professionals and stores. It was not an easy task to make the experience smooth and impactful because we were tasked with combining five types of tea into one exhibit. However, our visual direction was strong from the beginning and made a great impression on our guests.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Yaxin Bai & Yanqiong Zeng

Design Company

Chaimi Design Studio


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Design Team

Yaxin Bai, Yanqiong Zeng, Fenghe Luo


Individual Credits

Designer: Fenghe Luo
Designer: Yanqiong Zeng , Chaimi Design Studio
Designer: Yaxin bai