Un Sedicesimo - Plastic Pollution

by Ido Shtral

A Student Project

This fall I took an editorial design class, as part of the master of visual brand design program in Domus Academy, Milan, Italy where I had to create "Un Sedicesimo", a small Italian zine that deals with different topics. My sedicesimo is dedicated to plastic Pollution, and is based on a plastic hairbrush toy from the 50s that was found this last summer on the shore of Abruzzo, Italy.

In my design, I was inspired by the Swiss Design that was very popular in the 50s, and also other visual styles from the era. I worked with a special mint color paper that creates an oceanic feeling, together with the blue color I designed with.


Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Ido Shtral

Company/University or Design School

Domus Academy