WellFirst Health Branding

by SRH

WellFirst Health™ is a new health insurance brand that launched in 2019 to bring patient-centric plans to St. Louis and its surrounding regions. Our assignment was to build a visual identity and brand voice that felt familiar, reputable and trustworthy in a health insurance market where customers have grown increasingly skeptical of change. The logomark was designed to symbolize medical care in a color close to hospital scrubs as well as compliment its parent company, SSM Health. Reflecting both modern and established aesthetics, the brand reveal builds upon a new kind of plan but with providers you know and trust.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Chris Beanan

Design Company



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WellFirst Health

Design Team

Sam Hogerton, Chris Beanan, Betty Strigens, Angela Ryan, Adam Nelson


Entrant Companies

WellFirst Health, US



Individual Credits

Graphic Designer: Angela Ryan, SRH
Graphic Designer: Adam Nelson, SRH
Art Director: Chris Beanan, SRH