BBB Cycling e-commerce brand experience

by Matise

The new BBB cycling webshop is something that has not been seen so far in the Magento 2 landscape. It raises the bar for all shops that will be built on Magento 2 in the future. It is a brand experience driven commerce ready platform with the user in the middle of every step in the purchase journey. It is a unique product that has been designed and developed in a collaboration between Guapa, Matise and Matise was asked to create a realisation of that vision in a user centric web experience design. Where the user could almost “feel” the product. Users are able to relate to the products of BBB, without the physical contact, by reading about and experiencing the product.

Gold in Mobile Responsive Design 2018
Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2018
Silver in Website Design 2018
Bronze in Digital Design 2018

Design Director
Tim Borst
BBB Cycling &
Design Team
Tim Borst, Sil van Diepen & Roxanne van den Aakster

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