Sounds of the Circle

by Creative Repute, LLC

Marketing materials developed for the instrumentalist, composer, conductor, and educator Odean Pope. Pope, the Philadelphia Jazz Master, is the inspiration and artistic leader of the Sounds of the Circle project sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. Sounds of the Circle is a composing, performance, mentoring and archival project that translates for today’s audiences the propulsive musical ideas and strategies that inspired Pope when he was coming of musical age in the 1940s to early 1970s North Philadelphia. The labor of morphing everyday social encounters within a shifting economic landscape into a notable sound, or marking the parameters of the neighborhood as open sound waves that corral calm and collaboration reflect the cartographic capacity of Pope’s mastery. These methods inspire him to this day as they provide enduring fuel for Philadelphia’s singular and evolving jazz legacy. The environments and relationships that Pope experienced in North Philly in the mid-20th Century are what galvanize the visual designs for this project, just as they excite his ever-searching musical imagination.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Nile Livingston

Design Company

Creative Repute, LLC


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Odean Pope | Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

Design Team

Nile Livingston - Lead Designer, Germaine Ingram - Project Designer/Director, Deena Adler - Reflective Writer, Jaz Riley - Copywriter, Herm...