Compeer Rochester - 2018 Annual Report

by m-print

The 2018 annual report for Compeer Rochester, a non-profit mental wellness organization, was themed “Life in Living Color” reflecting how they nurture relationships that empower individuals to show their inner colors. Figures taken from Compeer’s logo were blind embossed on the cover in white symbolizing the hidden self. Die-cut heads show a portion of the colorful next page. The cover’s columned texture adds a tactile element to engage readers. Opening the report reveals a vibrant abstraction of the logo and this act becomes a metaphor for how Compeer helps clients open up to their inner beauty. Photography was shot to reinforce these themes. Circle motifs echo the logo and bring color to the spreads.


Bronze in Promotional Materials 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Mitchell Christensen

Design Company



Compeer Rochester