Zhe Gu Tea

by SunDesign Brand&design(beijing)co.ltd

Zhe Gu Tea's unique logo originates from Chinese Xiao Zhuan font and was improved to resemble slim tea leaves. The bird on the package symbolizes the ancient tale in which a dying Zhe Gu bird revived after eating tea leaves. The growing area of this tea, Dong Shan hill, is known for its Buddhist shrine. After baking, tea turns into ball looking like Buddha beads which inspired the high end ceramic package’s round shape. The landscape painting is consisted of tea balls conveying a sense of Zen.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Sun Jian

Design Company

SunDesign Brand&design(beijing)co.ltd


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Individual Credits

Design Director: JIAN SUN, SunDesign Brand&design(beijing)co.ltd