It's ok. I'm here

by Padmini Chandrasekaran

The work “It’s ok. I’m here.” explores communication and connection through an investigation of inner narrative versus the act of sharing. I explore the act of concealing, revealing, and decoding messages to an audience that I hope will empathize.

We spend so much time and energy trying to put on a brave face, to remember that we’re fortunate, and that there are people going through much worse than we are. We’re constantly bombarded by images of happy people with successful lives, and wonder when we might ever measure up. Often when people share their failures, it’s to show that they bounced back, it’s rarely shared when we’re low or insecure or sad. We might drop a hint or clue here and there, but mostly we only share part of the picture, and hide the rest.

With this piece, I share my own worries, insecurities and sadness, obscuring the parts that I feel embarrassed or undeserving to voice. With lines of varying complexity, I divide what I feel comfortable sharing from what I want to safeguard. But I’ll Ieave you a key, for if you feel like me.

Series of 3 Digitally printed posters.


Bronze in Digital Art 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Padmini Chandrasekaran


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Exhibition work


Individual Credits

Padmini Chandrasekaran