Colorado Born Branding & Packaging

by The Brand Chefs at Mighty Fudge Studios

HMP, Inc. is the manufacturer of Colorado Born CBD products. The client hired The Brand Chefs at Mighty Fudge Studios to create a logo with an illustrated symbol and packaging for their CBD line of products. The Brand Chefs were tasked to provide a distinguishable and easy-to-navigate CBD product line that reflects relaxation and/or medical benefits through the use of color, fonts and design to be marketed to males and females, ages 21-40. The graphics are easily adapted to marketing collateral and website/online media. On shelf the packaging breaks through the clutter with bold graphics, colors and a blocking schematic.


Gold in Logos 2020

Silver in Branding 2020

Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Kimberly Mallek

Design Company

The Brand Chefs at Mighty Fudge Studios


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HMP, Inc.

Design Team

Kimberly Mallek, Art Director & Designer; Sze Lin Lie, Senior Designer & Illustrator; Nicole Bosley, Production Artist


Individual Credits

Partner, Art Director and Designer: Kimberly Mallek, Mighty Fudge Studios
Account Director: Trish Frankel, Mighty Fudge Studios
Production Artist: Nicole Bosley, Mighty Fudge Studios