Symmetry on SKIN(대칭)

by Team Manji

In keeping with the motto of “Print Never Dies” - here we experimented with different paper materials, finishing and printing methods. We believe that the power of print and it’s ability to be able to interact with people tangibly is irreplaceable. And we wish to create conspicuous designs that speak to people’s soul in the modern digital world.
The project - Symmetry on Skin, showcased the relationship between line & shapes, also exploring the latest technique of digital printing technology with new born creative papers.
Twenty symmetrical patterns and shapes are designed for this project, each of the unique graphic depicted the idea of repeated reflection, ideal visual balance and repetition created by forms. Printing executions utilised a combination of Arjowiggins Creative Papers - Curious Collection’s Skin and specialty dry Inks from Iridesse production press, in order to demonstrate the fine line detailing of the graphics.

*Paper Supplier - Antalis Hong Kong
Paper choices: Skin Extra White 380gsm, Skin Extra White 270gsm, Skin Indigo 270gs, Skin Violet 380gsm, Skin Violet 270gsm, Skin Grey 380gsm, Skin Grey 270gsm
Printing vendor - Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co. Ltd.
Printing methods: Digital print - Iridesse production press dry ink: Foil UV, Digital White, PMS871, PMS877


Silver in Promotional Materials 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Michelle M. Tang(Margie)

Design Company

Team Manji


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