Stanton House Branding

by EME Design Studio

Stanton House is a hotel in the heart of El Paso, TX. The exterior of this 100-year-old building celebrates the architectural heyday of El Paso. Inside, it was transformed into an ultra-modern celebration of geography, culture, and art. Every corner and space of the hotel was thoughtfully designed and every detail was carefully crafted to give a unique guest experience.
Our task was to create a brand identity that reflected the modern, clean and sophisticated interiors of the hotel. We accomplished it by creating a very simple combination of visual elements and a color palette where black and gold dominated, and accents of red helps to bring the brand to life. The simplicity of the branding creates the perfect harmony between the comfort, elegance, open spaces and art of the Stanton hotel.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Joel Martinez

Design Company

EME Design Studio


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Stanton House Hotel

Design Team

Joel Martinez, Iris Morales, Mariana Lopez, Francisco Arrieta