#ApaBilaSaya (What If) campaign

by Lithiana William Susanto

The #ApaBilaSaya campaign or the Yellow Dot movement is to raise awareness on the issue of cat-calling in Indonesia. ‘Apa Bila’ in Indonesian means ‘What If’ in English, while ‘Saya’ means ‘me’. These words would form sentences such as #ApaBilaSaya Anakmu which means “What if I was your child” to enhance an emotional connection to people. An icon that highlights the whole campaign is the Yellow Dot which is perceivable in print, digital ad or social media platform.

Yellow symbolizes caution, fear, and frustration. But in contrary to that, Yellow also symbolizes happiness and emotional strength. As the campaign continuous throughout the campaign timeline, the yellow dot movement will be more meaningful than it is.

Google maps latest feature will show users drug recovery resources on the map and navigation data, it also displays the location of recovery meetings including alcoholics and narcotics anonymous, Through its new feature, we believe it is possible to modify it but covering an important issue on cat-calling here in Indonesia.

Print ad posters that are in phase 3 are words that were used to cat-call in Indonesia. Such as “Mau ke mana neng, Sini sama abang aja”
*Referring to Phase 3(01) : “Where do you want to go? , Come here and stay with me.” Reasons to refer these sentences in public places is to realize that these callings can possibly be uncomfortable to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

The campaign #ApaBilaSaya is a movement to empower anyone who have experienced any type of discomfort due to cat-calling especially in Indonesia, due to the fact that according to the article “A 2014 report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation found that Jakarta had the fifth-most dangerous public transportation system for women in the world, and the second-worst in Asia behind New Delhi.” https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/09/world/asia/indonesia-sexual-harassment.html. Many experienced cat-calling...


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Lithiana William Susanto

Company/University or Design School

Raffles Design Institute


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Design Team

Danina April Subiran