De Gele Kanarie

by Offff studio

Offff studio did the complete branding of a new Brewery / Bar / Restaurant where there is always live music being played. We came up with the name and did the complete visual indentity, introduction campaign, social campaign and website.

Fly with De Gele Kanarie to the beer and food paradise. We brew our own beer there. It's where music is made. You eat the most delicious food. While you are entertained with play and festivity. It is as if the outside world does not exist for a moment.

Beer, or as it is also called in Rotterdam, a Yellow Canary. We stand up and we go to bed with them. In the basement, you will find the source of abundance. Our own brewery. Where every day we serve the freshest beers for your sheep. Cheers.

Bless our food. Recognizable dishes taste special in paradise. As if you were eating them again for the first time. Amen.

The Yellow Canary is also a songbird. Live music should therefore not be missing in this golden cage. View the program if you do not want to miss this.

Pub quizzz, canary bingo and much more. Never go home. That's what you want when you're playing here. Unfortunately, there is always a time of going home. But before that time you can lose yourself here in games and entertainment.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Youri van Overdijk

Design Company

Offff studio


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Dave Heijnen (hospitality entrepreneur)

Design Team

Maarten Laan Julian Wouters Yoerdan de Rijke

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Entrant Companies

Offff studio, NL


De Gele Kanarie, NL