GroundTruth Rebranding

by Siegel + Gale

GroundTruth (formerly xAd) is a global location technology company that drives results with real data.

The design elevates the value of location, beyond the technology that underpins,
and humanizes it. The logo resembles a location marker and a GT monogram representing GroundTruth’s mission to create location as a category and as a timepiece symbolizing the real time precision of location. The bright, neon color palette reflects the personality, tone and energy of GroundTruth. The emoticon toolkit brings a simple character set to life in everyday communications.


Silver in Branding 2018

Bronze in Logos 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kira Jenny Sea

Design Company

Siegel + Gale


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GroundTruth (formerly xAd)

Design Team

Kira Jenny Sea, Austyn Stevens


Entrant Companies

GroundTruth, US


Siegel + Gale, US

Individual Credits

Senior Designer: Kira Jenny Sea, Siegel + Gale
Creative director: Austyn Stevens, Siegel + Gale