Chilly's Bottles Brand Refresh Animation

by Wonder Vision Limited

As Chilly's Bottles CGI Production Studio, they came to us to create a CGI animation for their brand relaunch. We wanted to honour the old brand which had taken them to that point but showcase the new logo on their products whilst communicating the essence of Chilly's Bottles as a company and the range of products they produce. The animation was an excellent success and the client was very happy with the production quality and creativity of the animation. It has 1.5M full views on Youtube and over 10M impressions.

The animation was created separately in a 16:9 and 4:5 format so that it was optimised perfectly for both mobile and desktop applications - always keeping the Chilly's logo the focus of the content.

Client Testimonial
"Before working with Wonder Vision we had relied on traditional pack shot product photography. This resulted in every time we released a new product it would have have slightly different lighting and positioning which damaged the consistency of our marketing, website and sales material. We were blown away by the CGI work done by Wonder Vision with its level of life-like accuracy and consistency. The team is highly committed and passionate about their work and are incredibly approachable and appreciative of feedback. Our working relationship meant for our 2019 rebrand, Wonder Vision were the perfect partner for our relaunch video!" James Butterfield - Co-Founder Chilly's Bottles


Gold in 3D CAD 2020

Gold in Computer Animation 2020

Created by:

Design Director

James Elderton

Design Company

Wonder Vision Limited


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Chilly's Bottles

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