UNICEF Schools for Africa Campaign

by Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore

Schools for Africa was a campaign founded in 2004 through the vision of Nelson Mandela, who believed that lives can be transformed through education, and ultimately help advance the society. The main aim of this project is to raise awareness towards Schools for Africa, which helps provide and increase the quality of education in the African continent, especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa, where education is yet to thrive. This campaign is shown through main visuals with the concept of being Out of Reach, and incorporating Out-Of-Home (OOH), as well as ambient medias to elevate the campaign's umbrella idea, and thus communicating better with the audiences.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2018, Non-Pro

Gold in Digital Design 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Monica Hutama

Company/University or Design School

Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore


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Design Team